7 Resume Writing Tips for Your FIRST JOB

To market an individual's skill set, achievements and potential, one requires a good resume. The idea is to present the academic and professional qualifications in a way to produce maximum effect. Therefore an effective resume presentation is of utmost importance One can easily make a good resume by simply following the below mentioned tips.

1. Resume Structure:

Structuring your resume in the initial step. Best resumes are built through proper prevision and planning. A well formulated plan must be created before writing your resume. Take time to understand about the company, its vision and the job profile you are applying to. This will help you to customize the resume according to the company's requirement.

2. Font and Font Size:

The next important consideration while preparing your resume should be the font and its size. Select a basic font easy to read, both for the recruiter and the applicant.

3. Contact Information:

Always ensure putting up your updated contact information on the top itself which includes

  • full name
  • phone number
  • email address
  • links of professional websites

4. Add a Resume Summary:

The resume objective describes you professionally summarising your relevant skills. It should be clear and concise stating about your skills and attributes that fits the job you are looking for

5. To the point description:

One should be cautious while defining your work/internship experience. Avoid writing descriptions in an essay-like proportion. Do not keep them so short that it seems incomplete. One should always make use of bullet points.

6. Giving a professional touch:

The look of the resume must be engaging and attractive. The design of the resume should not appear unprofessional; therefore select a resume layout which may depend upon your field of study, academic and professional skills

7.Avoid mentioning irrelevant details:

The key is to emphasize on those things that demonstrate your values to the company. Don’t include the hobbies that are not related to the job or are not adding to your skill set/achievements.

By following these steps and some thought one can create an informative yet attractive resume. Some resume building tools like Resumod.in offer multiple pre-defined layouts as per these standards that will save you time and leave you with an amazing resume.

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