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Resumod.co is an intelligent resume-building tool for both students and professionals. Launched in 2019, it has evolved to a newer, better version to provide you with a complete resume-building toolkit including formats, content suggestions, and samples.

Here’s a comprehensive discussion on what resume can offer you and how we can help you with having a delightful resume-building experience with us.

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Resumod is consistently growing and bringing out new features to help you all. So here’s what you can expect

  • Guides and Resources for making your resume
  • Information and value-loaded blogs
  • New innovations to formats
  • Constant addition to our samples page, so no professional gets missed
  • Resume in text format with the samples to help you make the best use of our free resources

Link to this page - https://resumod.co/blog/resumod-feature-guide-whats-new/

Mar 2024 - Offline mode (Enterprise edition)

Not many of us are aware that Resumod has an Enterprise edition also ;) We offer this suite to our staffing partners who use Resumod's dashboard for their hiring work.

We launched an exciting new feature for our enterprise clients - Offline mode. Now HRs and users can edit resumes even when their internet is off! So no db requests, no server calls, and even if your internet dies the resume stays safe!

We will soon be migrating this change to our main website too :)

Stay tuned for more updates!

Jan 2024 - So many new things!

Been a while since we updated this part! We were just so busy updating our features that we almost forgot that we have to show off too ;)

So what all happened in the last 3 months? A lot!!!

1. We finally gave you all options to make your resume.

Start from scratch, Upload your existing resume, or (our best one yet) just copy paste your LinkedIn URL!

How to make your resume on Resumod.co
How to make your resume on Resumod.co - all 3 options
Convert your LinkedIn profile to a stunning Resume within seconds using Resumod.co
Just copy paste your (or someone else's) LinkedIn profile URL here and get your resume in 2 seconds!

2. We implemented a Credit System so that you can use our premium features and pay only for what you want.

Resumod.co Credit System. Purchase coins and use them across the site for various features.
Resumod.co Credit System. Purchase any number of coins and use them across the site for various features.

3. Your own Personal Website - in just 5 clicks!

We launched Personal Websites so that users can create their own Personal Website with a simple URL (taken from your email id) in just 5 clicks. Our algorithm picks your resume summary, attaches your photo and any 3 social links to create this website in less than 10 seconds. The website stays live forever and is FREE for everyone!

Create your personal mini website with a resume download button on Resumod.co for free
Create your personal mini website with a resume download button on Resumod.co

Try it today! app.resumod.co

Sep 2023 - Interview Questions

We recently launched an Interview Question module in the builder that generates exact questions relating to your experience and your resume.

Job Interview Questions and Answers based on your resume by Resumod.co
Our Interview Questions module in action

The tool analyses your resume content, your title, education and comes up with 15-20 interview questions that you can expect during screening stages of the interview process. The questions are accurate, not generic but very specific for your profile, and cover almost all areas related to your work.

So if you have a career break, or if you shifted from one industry to another, the tool will ask you why you did that and how it will benefit your career.

Do try it and all the best in preparing for your next job interview! :)

Aug 2023 - Font Options, Formatting & Spacing

BIG UI update in August!

Resumod now has 19 open source fonts that you can use to customise your resume. We have specially curated each font from the library to give you only the best ones that work with all Resumes.

You HAVE TO try all the fonts. Some of them are just AMAZING!!

Text & Font Customisation Options on Resumod's Free AI Resume Builder
Text & Font Customisation Options on the Resumod AI Resume Builder
Text & Font Customisation Options on Resumod's Free AI Resume Builder
Leo in action with New Fonts and spacing options

We also launched new colour palettes for each of our 17 templates :) Beautiful colour combinations. You HAVE TO try all these colours! Did I say this already ;)

Resumod's Free AI Resume Builder colourful resume sample
Resumod's AI Resume Builder now has a new colour palette for every format

We didn't stop here! You can rearrange all sections in your resume using the new LAYOUT option on the left of your screen. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

New layout options on Resumod's Free AI Resume Builder
New layout options on Resumod

July 2023 - Launch of Comet

New format alert!! So in July we started partnering with Universities and helping students with their placements. We launched a new student format too that can be customised for Universities with their branding and their colour preference.

Presenting COMET - a close cousin of our most popular format Venus.

Free resume templates on Resumod.co - designed for Students
Comet resume template on Resumod.co - designed for Students

We also launched a new Login Screen :)

Our new hep, colourful Login screen on Resumod.co
Our new hep, colourful Login screen on Resumod.co

June 2023 - Resumod 3.0

Phase 2.

AI Assistant

So we are coming up with our AI assistant which has 2 parts. The free Resumod AI and the premium ChatGPT+ AI. You just need to enter your designation or certain combination of keywords and the AI will generate content for you to use in your resume.

AI Assistant live and kicking - Resumod.co - AI Resume Builder
AI Assistant live and kicking - Resumod.co

May 2023 - Resumod 3.0

Phase 1.

We went ahead and revamped the builder screen. Again! Seems we are never satisfied :P

The new builder screen in action! - Resumod.co

The new builder packs everything in one place. The builder, the font and colour options, the preview. We also made the preview analogous with a single scroll continuous flow. All sections in builder collapsible. The zoom in icon on the top left.

The new menu with your name makes sure you get the Help and Support at the same place. It also gives you the option to raise a ticket. and also give us a feedback - 5 star of course ;)

The new menu - Resumod.co

April 2023 - Launch of Leo

One of our favourite templates! This is a very eye catching and the most modern looking resume on Resumod. Designed by us for you. Treat for the eye, packs a lot of information in a page. Try it on app.resumod.co today!

Free Resume Templates on Resumod.co
The eye-catching Leo resume template on Resumod.co

March 2023 - Launch of Ariel

We noticed a lot of interaction from customers from US, Canada and Australia and wanted an internationally appealing format on the site. So we launched Ariel which is subtle, and very easy on the eye. The flow of information is clear and there is no extraordinary formatting to it too. We hope you like it :)

Free Resume Template on Resumod.co
Ariel format from Resumod.co

January 2023 - Launch of 2 new formats - Orion & Libra.

We launched Orion & Libra in the months of December 2022 & January 2023 - the first of our patch 4 upgrade. Both are simple on the eye and look beautiful in black. Orion is specially designed for the international markets, especially US & UK. Both are very neat and can pack a lot of information in 1 page. Go on, try them out yourself!

Orion & Libra in action. Two modern yet simple formats.

October 2022 - Launch of Parsing & Reformatting as a Service.

In October, we built our B2B dashboard with an in-built Resume Parsing capability. Our dashboard can parse and reformat 100 resumes in one go in any proprietary format of your choice. We can also hide contact information and display the client's logo in every resume.

The Dashboard also supports filters, labelling, and export of data in csv and download of multiple resumes in one-go.

A snapshot of how our B2B Dashboard looks like. It is completely customisable. Client logo appears on the top right.

If this looks interesting, you can write to us on biz@resumod.co or support@resumod.co with your specific use-case.

July 2022 - Launch of Partnerships.

Launch of our B2B partnerships.

In July we launched our partnerships page - https://resumod.co/partnerships and started taking enquiries from Businesses, HR consultancies as well as Educational Institutions.

For a business use-case, Resumod can help in various ways. We conduct workshops on resume writing, live resume building, and we can also help organisations fine-tune and reformat multiple resumes through our parsing and reformatting capability. If you have a query, you can write to us on biz@resumod.co or support@resumod.co.

May 2022 - Template Showcase!

To make things convenient for users, we launched our Template Showcase where users could try all our templates BEFORE signing up. Here is the link to the page - https://resumod.co/resume-templates

You can check out all our premium templates, change colours and see how the resumes look before you proceed to create your own. We have used the most optimal colour combinations for each template on this page.

Resumod Resume Builder's Free Resume Templates & Designs
Resumod's Template Showcase page

April 2022 - Launch of Taurus.

We launched Taurus in April - the last of our patch 2 upgrade. Although, we love this format in white, you can customise colours and get yours in any colour of your choice. The format is 2 column and is packed with icons and a new style for skills. It's neat and can pack a lot of information in 1 page. Go on, try it yourself!

Free Resume Template 2 column on Resumod.co
Taurus - power packed, easy on the eye, 2 column template

February 2022 - Launch of 3 new formats - Jupiter, Saturn, Venus - our best formats so far!

Jupiter, Saturn and lastly Venus - our 3 flagship formats were released in February 2022, in that order. We tried our best to bring in an energetic flavour to all the 3 formats. All formats are highly creative and modern and ensure that almost all information gets captured on a single page. All the 3 formats are 2 column, with Jupiter and Saturn on the left side and Venus on the right.

Drool over!

Saturn, Venus and Jupiter in action. Our best resume formats so far!

January 2022 - Launch of 3 new formats - Mercury, Apollo 1, Apollo 2

We began the new year, with some fresh perspective to resume formatting and structure. We have launched 4 stunning formats in the first month of the year, providing a total of 8 format options for our users.

What sets them apart: These formats are universal and are not just designed for fresher or young professionals, but seasoned professionals can too use this for their one–page profiles and bio-style documents.

Apollo1, Mercury & Apollo2 in action

October 2021 - Rolled Out Our never-before Weekly Plans

We understand that you might not need a resume builder tool year-round, or just want to test the waters before getting in. The weekly plan starting at INR 99, has all features of the monthly plan including:

  • Resume URL
  • Resume in all five formats for download
  • An ATS friendly .docx copy of your Resume
  • 24*7 email support during the subscription period

August 2021 -  Introduced Referral Benefits and Resume from LinkedIn

Referral Program: We wanted to incentivise our subscription holders and to give them benefits in cash, and we launched our referral program.

  • If you refer a friend, and they join using your referral code, you get 15-day access to Resumod Premium completely free. With access to the free version, you can use all five formats, get an ATS document for your resume, and many more exciting features just for paid users.
  • The referee gets a 40% discount on the premium package if they join using your referral code.

Resume from LinkedIn: You might have your LinkedIn ready, but your resume needs to be done from scratch. This feature enables you to directly extract all your content from your LinkedIn profile, saving you from typing the content all over again. Make some edits to the data exported in the builder, and your resume is ready in minutes!


July 2021 - Added Content Suggestions with 100,000 bullets

Content suggestions make your life easier by giving you content suggestions for each field. As you enter your designation, our smart builder picks up your role and suggests bullet points for the same. There are 100,000 bullet points to help you with any job you are seeking.

How to use it: Enter your designation and click on the Plus sign on the job description field, and you have a list of suggestions to choose from. You can use these in your summary, job descriptions of projects

June  2021 - Introduced Resume URL,  and ATS Docx features

In an effort to provide maximum features of a professional resume writing service, we added two new features just 30 days after the launch. (For paid users only)

Resume URL: A resume URL is a permanent link to your resume. Those with your Resume URL can access your resume online without downloading. With your Resume in an image form, it is completely secure and non-editable by the viewer.

How it helps: A URL helps you view your resume on any device, anytime. When applying for jobs, you make the edits and share the link on the go. You don’t need to worry about device compatibility or the use of your data.

ATS Friendly Document: Though Resume formats, downloadable in PDF are ATS friendly, we brought it as a specific feature on our customer’s demand. With this, you get your resume in a word doc, which is an editable post download. You do not need to come to the builder to edit it.

How it helps: The ATS doc is in an easy-to-read resume layout without any fancy formatting or images. If you’ve included keywords from the job description, this doc will help you with ranking better on the ATS.

2021 May - Launched Resumod 2.0

After working with more than 30,000 professionals and getting deep insights into their choices, requirements, and feedback on Resumod 1.0, we came out with Resumod 2.0 with a revamped builder, fresh formats, and unlimited colour variations.

The new resume-builder is a robust version of Resumod, with enhanced UI and improved user-friendliness:

  • Real-Time Preview: This enhanced approach to preview enables you to view your content on the resume as you type.

How it helps: It saves you from the hassle of clicking the preview button every time you want to have a look. You have your resume in front of your eyes as you build it up from scratch.

  • Unlimited Colours: The scope to create resume variations with this feature is infinite. You can optimise one single resume in as many colours as you want.

How it helps: Your resume can be different from the usual greys and blues and still look professional. This feature helps you with doing exactly that.  You can check our samples page(link) to check some resume samples in all colours and shades.

  • 5 Resumes on Dashboard: From just one resume on the dashboard, we directly moved to 5. You can create 5 resumes in one go, all versions saved. (Only for premium users). These come with unlimited downloads in PDF format. A PDF means your information is secure, cannot be edited, and can be accessed on any device. (For Quarterly Subscription users)

How it helps: You need a customised resume for every role you apply to. Editing a single version every time is tedious. We give you five resumes to help you easily edit and share.

  • Forever Storage: Once you log in to Resumod and make a resume here, it is stored on our safe cloud servers.

How it helps: You require multiple resume modifications through your professional journey and typing the same information every once in a while might be a bit tedious. You don’t lose your data even if you come after months or even years. You can start editing your resume from when you left last time.

  • Informative Blogs: We updated our blogs with rich content related to career and professional documentation.  Our blogs also have a video teaser of the content, as an added bonus, in case you like to keep things short and sweet :).

How it helps: Very comprehensive, each of our blog posts are guides in themselves that will help you make your resume. Each of our blogs has multiple examples to help you with the writing process.

  • Priority Email Support: Our team helps our valued customers with round-the-clock support on using and navigating Resumod. If you face bugs, lags, or have questions regarding the builder, you get them answered via mail (Only for premium users).
  • Nominal Subscription Fee: We launched Resumod with a freemium, 1-month subscription and 3-month subscription with a nominal fee. The premium users have world-class functionalities including 5 resumes on the dashboard, ATS friendly document, email support, apart from builder features at plans starting as low as INR 145.
  • New Formats: As we revamped the builder, we also launched it with 5 new formats. Thoughtfully designed, with better structure and visual appeal.

January 2019: Launched Resumod

Resumod.in was launched in January 2019 as an automated web application that can be used to build resumes that are not only appealing but are also structured. Our mission was to help the beginner workforce with resumes that resemble professionally done resumes, without burning a hole in their pocket.

The easy to use tool was launched with world-class functionality including:

  • 5 Formats Options: We launched 5 formats, customised to the needs of the beginner workforce. With 5 colour variations, a total of 25 format variations could be created.
  • Sample Resumes: To assist customers, who were making their very first resumes, we created resume samples for more than 100 profiles. You can check them out here.
  • Easy to Customise Sections: We understand that each professional has a different requirement and one size does not fit all, so we had the provision to change the headings as per your specific requirements.
  • Expert Help: To save you from the struggle of writing perfect sentences for your resume, a team of expert resume consultants wrote your resume for just Rs. 200.
  • Preview and Free Downloads: The preview feature helps you with checking how your content sits on the resume. Once done, the resume could be downloaded in PDF format at absolutely no extra cost.
  • Best Practises: We informed our customers of the resume-building best practises alongside each section to make the processes much easier.

With this version of Resumod we helped over 30,000 professionals with their resumes and associated with many reputed brands and educational institutes.


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