Can an internship be successfully translated into a full time job offer?

Internships play an importnat role in fetching beginner workforce jobs as they play a vital role in accustoming interns to a professional enviorment and enriching them with job centric skills.

An internship enables you to gain first-hand exposure of working in the real world. While others treat holidays as a break and enjoy, you may choose to stay one step ahead by getting yourself a valuable internship. That one internship could make all the difference between winning a job opportunity or losing it. Sometimes graduating from college and immediately jumping into a new job position has its disadvantages. You need to gain practical knowledge before stepping into the real world. Moreover, internships offer opportunities to transition into full-time positions as well.

  • Most employers are always seeking to add value to their organization. With an internship, you're given an excellent opportunity to showcase your talents, commitment, and value to a  prospective employer. It teaches young professionals about the specific industries and companies they are interested in.
  • Employers are more inclined to hire you once they have invested the time and money to train you. If they see the required potential in an intern, they might train you even better as they have the plan of retaining you in their organisation in a full time job even after your internship is over.
  • Hardwork, enthusiasm and professionalism during an internship can help you stand out in a pool of interns who are all doing the same job. One should not confine oneself to the project allotted, employers value those who go above and beyond their internship description.

Tip: It is extremely important for interns to demonstrate initiative and think out-of-the-box if they want to leave a mark on their employers and convert their internship into a full time job.

It's not enough to simply get an internship and start doing it. Make sure that you find yourself an internship for those profiles based on which you have to build your career, you are interested in it or you want to explore it even more. Doing it just because your friend is doing it or it is in a reputable company, isn't going to make any difference. You should be able to list the tasks you've done and projects you've participated in to demonstrate your value. You must be highly motivated throughout the internship so that you can take its full advantage and build your network as well.

  • Networking is another added bonus of an internship for interns. The relationships you build are critical and important, so interns should try to know as many people as possible, attend company events and socialize with them after work as well. The more people who know you and your work, the more people you will have who can help you in making a brilliant career ahead.
  • Enthusiasm and willingness to learn rate high on every recruiter's list. As interns are still in the middle of their course curriculum, companies don't expect them to be at par with the existing employees. However, they are expected to show the willingness to learn and accept new things. They must be able to deliver results and meet all the deadlines. They should not be afraid to ask questions or reach out for help.

Tip: While retaining interns, employers look at emergent leadership qualities, which means knowing your limits and relinquishing power when required.

So, next time you have a break, don't under-estimate the importance of an internship as it will also allow you to harness the skill, knowledge, and theoretical practice you learnt in university. You can acquire endless amounts of education in your life, however, that knowledge doesn't always translate to the working life. You never know you might convert your internship into a full-time job offer. If you are looking for an internship but don't have a resume yet, checo out now.

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