Cycle of Hiring - Explained!

Every applicant is often not aware of the complete recruitment process and is therefore not prepared for each step. It is important understanding the complete process well in advance so that the applicant doesn't get stuck at any step.

Cycle of hiring is the term used for a complete process of recruitment. It is a six step process that involves Job Requisition - Sourcing - Screening - Selection -  Hiring - On-boarding. The aforesaid steps are followed in same manner as stated. All recruiters/employers across the globe adopt this generalized approach to hire workforce.

It is crucial for every candidate to understand this process and be prepared for each step to quickly get hired. Here are these steps explained in detail

1. Job Requisition and Sourcing

It is the first step in a hiring process in which the recruiter gives the job description for the vacated post in the company or any new position created. The job description describes the tasks a candidate would be expected to do in the role, along with other details including qualifications and skills required, salary offered, company info and more. These job descriptions are then circulated both offline and online.

2. Application Screening

The pool of applications collected are then screened as per the position's requirements. Applications received through job portals and professional networking sites like LinkedIn are scanned through the Application Tracking System.

3. Selection

It is the most crucial step in the hiring process in which the best candidate is chosen from the pool of interviewees. Selection post shortlisting might be a one step process of may have multiple rounds involving tests, group discussions, and  personal interview. Interviewer can be a panel or a single person who questions the candidate to check upon the reference and background.

4. Hiring

After the candidate is finalized, offer letters are sent to those who are hired for the position. The letter confirms that the candidate is chosen for the assigned position and it may include job description, job title, reporting structure, starting date of employment, salary, benefits information and eligibility, acknowledgement of offer and confirmation of acceptance. It is send via mail or post.

5. On-boarding

This is the concluding phase and is performed when the candidate accepts the letter and finally joins the organization. It includes orientation, induction and training of employees. Orientation is the process in which the new employee is welcomed into the organisation. The goal of orientation is to make the employee comfortable with the working conditions and the people working around him. The new employee is made familiar with the history, achievements, targets and people of the company. Training comprises of on the job training and off the job training methods i.e. learning things in the course of working over the years or explaining the work. Induction is presenting of the complete rules, regulations and policies of the organisation. It comes before the orientation or sometimes go hand in hand.

The above steps are followed for hiring the right candidate at the right time and at the right place. A good employee is an asset of the organisation and to acquire him the hiring process should be done in an effective way.


To pass through the tedious hiring process, an applicant must be ready with all the documents and be thorough with the process

  1. Have a well prepared Resume in place: It is important to thoroughly go through the profile you are applying to and tailor your resume accordingly, enriching it with the right keywords. This will increase your visibility during ATS check.
  2. Send Cover Letter with initial application: Cover Letter is like an introductory note that briefly explains your competencies, experience and skills. An e-mail with a cover letter is like to create a greater impact on your potential employer
  3. Be well researched on your profile: Before you finally go for an interview, be through with the contents of your resume, and the company and the job you've applied to; this will help you answer all the questions easily

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