5 Jobs You Can Do Alongside Your Studies (Earn+Flaunt On Your Resume)

Here are 5 jobs that you can do alongside your studies that not only pays a fair amount, but also adds high value to your resume.

Many students are overwhelmed by the idea of working while studying. Though it takes extra efforts to maintain a proper balance between study and job, it is not impossible. Working while studying has many benefits. You gain a lot of valuable experience and skills, and learn how to manage your time efficiently. Most importantly, you get paid. And with this money you can manage your day to day needs on your own, without help from your parents.

Here are 5 jobs that you can do alongside your studies that not only pays a fair amount, but also adds high value to your resume:


If you are the person to whom all of your friends come to when they are having doubts while studying, you sure have got a thing for teaching. You can earn some extra money by providing tuitions to students in subjects you are good at. Online teaching is also a good option. It is an amazing way to boost your resume, and can open up a lot of opportunities especially in the teaching sector.

Website Designing

Website designing is a very good skill to learn for students of almost every course. It is a field that is and will only boom in the future. All businesses look for developers who design a website of great attractive value. If you want to earn some good bucks while studying and also want it to be something you can show off on your resume website designing is something to consider. It is definitely something that you’ll enjoy.

Content Writing

If you have got that creative edge, are good with words, have nice research skills and knowledge of a diverse variety of topics, content writing is a good option for you. You can earn a minimum of Rs. 1000 up to Rs. 50000 and above in this field, while studying. It is one of the most demanded freelance job. All kind of companies need content writers.

Sales and Marketing

No matter what kind of job you have, you are required to sell your products, at least once. Jobs in sales and marketing gives the confidence and skills to sell your products in a way that lures customers into buying them. You can also grow a good network of people from such jobs. These jobs can also be done staying at home. It will strengthen your communication and interpersonal skills.


As globalisation is increasing, companies look forward to expand their customer base to many countries. There is a growing need of translators in the market. Knowing many languages is always a plus point on your resume. Translation jobs can be taken by students who want to earn at study at the same time. The job also has a fair earning potential.

Pursuing jobs while studying is a very good way for you to get an idea of how working feels like. You are better prepared to handle jobs effectively and efficiently. And also, you won’t have the time to get bored as you are always invested in something productive.

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