There is no secret to getting shortlisted. Those students whose resume depicts a perfect balance of all, are the ones selected for interviews.

Students who were seldom seen are suddenly present minutes before the class starts. Students who covered their ears the minute they heaR “college project” are now involved more than ever. Students who opened their books only a day before exams are seen reading even in the cafeteria. Internships were never so important as they are now.

When such is the secaniro, you should know the PLACEMENT SEASON is near.

Placement is undoubtedly the biggest event of a student’s college life. Here are some of the most prominent questions students have regarding placements:

Q.1 How do I get myself shortlisted for an interview?

Ans: There is no secret to getting shortlisted. Every company has its unique parameters for shortlisting resumes. Some skills are judged through academic performance and some through extra-curricular activities, internships, project work, etc. Those students whose resume depicts a perfect balance of all, are the ones selected for interviews.

Q.2 Are internships really necessary or just a waste of time? Do students with internships get higher packages?

Ans: Well, the answer is “Yes, they are, and no, they don’t get higher packages”. Internships play an important role in making one ready for competing in the real world. A student who has managed an internship alongside college certainly has a positive impact on the recruiter. It shows the student manages time effectively and can handle the pressure. There is a lot to learn from internships and every student should do an internship at least once.

Q.3 How important are projects and extracurricular for the resume?

Ans: Projects and extra-curriculars are like seasoning on a pizza. Still tasty without it, but adds an extra flavour. Extra-curricular and project work are not the pre-requisite for placements. Recruiters are looking for someone who is great at the job and shows a high attitude. The primary focus should be on making yourself the right fit for the job by enhancing your technical skills.

Q.4 I have all the necessary skills that are required for the job, but still not able to clear interviews. What should I do?

Ans: Technical expertise plays a major role in determining suitability for the job, but that is not it. If a student lacks good communication skills, problem-solving skills, or appears incompetent in any way then it is sure that the student will not get hired. Apart from academic aptitude, transferable skills also need to be enhanced in order to land a job of your choice.

Q.5 Can I appear for more than one interview?

Ans: Yes, you can, provided your college’s Training and Placement department allows a student to sit in as many companies they want. But most of the companies have the policy of not recruiting candidates if they become aware of offers from other companies. It’s always better to go through a company’s hiring policy in past before appearing for the interview.

Placement can be really stressful for a student. A student doesn’t have to be the perfect fit for a job. Try to give your best in whatever you are doing. Brush up your technical and soft skills, and you will do just fine.

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