BBA is the most common course commerce students go but are often confused when it comes to the choice of their career . There are ample options available for BBA students to chose from

Already a graduate and still don’t know what to do with your life, trust us, you are not the only one. We very well know that not everyone has an access to a fantastic career counselor, but still one has to stick to a structured path to give life a sense of direction. So, all the BBA graduates rustle up because here we make sure that the perfect career options are just a mouse click away from you. All you have to do is, just give this a good read.


Depending upon an individual’s aptitude and skill set, they can work in the following areas that include Finance and Accounting, HR, Marketing, Supply Chain, Tourism Management, etc.


Private companies always put an individual in a challenging environment which demands quick decision-making aptitude. Management students can deal with such situations easily and quickly. The most luring factor about the private companies is the package offered by them. Management professionals are well versed in making key strategic decisions and hence are paid quite high.


Foreign embassies look out for students with a management degree provided they must have the knowledge of a foreign language. If different cultures interest you and you are willing to learn more about them, taking this job will be a perfect choice. In fact, learning a foreign language opens up a world of career possibilities. As this world of ours tends to shrink, the requirement of individuals who can communicate in various languages is growing. Hence, the scope of career in foreign languages is extremely wide and is even growing in our country due to the domestic and international job scenario.


There are many government organizations that prefer young graduates. If you are good at analyzing key issues, planning, researching, data crunching etc. then you have a bright future in government sector. A shedload of students go ahead with the preparation of government jobs. Many reputed government exams like IBPS, SBI, SSC etc. can be easily cracked with a degree in BBA. Management students have an upper hand in these exams over other students and cracking them will be a cake walk.


Well, yes, starting your own business is definitely something to consider. In fact, a perfect option for those who just can’t follow the crowd and possess leadership qualities. You can always start building your own dreams. Out there are umpteen of young entrepreneurs who have taken the initiative of starting their own venture straight out of college. Be your own boss and apply the skills and knowledge that you have earned so far in college.


Postgraduate diploma course is offered by a number of institutions and indeed a perfect option for those who want to go for further studies. In today’s time, with the competition being at its peak it is even more difficult to get admission in IIMS and XLRIs. Hence, students can opt for this diploma course in management. Moreover, these courses have well structured curriculum and even have good campus placements. At this level of postgraduation, a student can also specialize in a particular field. Students can even go for a Masters in Management Studies (MMS).

There are a multitude of options available for BBA graduates but one should purely make a choice based on the area of interest. Introspect your area of interest and choose wisely. One should never be swayed by the decision of others. This course is highly flexible and allows you to venture into other fields of interest and pursue your dreams. So, giddy up and explore all the options.

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