5 Questions to ask yourself to measure your progress at work

It is very important to be productive at work and it even important to grow day by day in the professional space to open up new avenues for oneself. One way to do so is keep a track of your growth ion a day to day basis.

“Always be a work in progress.”

These lines by Emily Lillian hold so much sense for each individual running the rat race today. No one wants to be left behind, no one wants to fail in getting success. But the real wit is in knowing that success is no lottery.

Your per day success adds up to provide you results in the end. And thus it becomes quite important for you to regularly get yourself updated regarding your progress. Here are five questions you can ask yourself to check your graph.

Q.1. Am I doing anything different and unique from my colleagues?

Ans. When today everyone is ready to put in hard work for their job, check if you are having a self made innovative strategy that can be a game changer. Strategy you develop for yourself will work the best for you, instead of trying to copy what other's do. Progress only sprouts when you have something better and innovative in store, a unique plan to let you climb the ladder of success.

Q.2. What did I accomplish this week?

Ans. Checking your progress becomes even easier if you keep examining yourself  at some fixed intervals. Setting of short term goals is a very healthy practice as it lets you draw an imaginary graph and check if your growth is not stagnant. As you keep completing your short term goals it will boast your moral and encourage you to step ahead.

Q.3. Is the job and the job profile matching my qualities?

Ans. Introspection at regular intervals will keep your head clear regarding your ambitions and current doings. Asking yourself very basic questions like this one will remove doubts from time to time. Also if you feel unsatisfied from the job, you can step into some other arena. This will not only avoid monotony but will also help you increase your efficiency at work.

Q.4. Am I utilizing the opportunities provided to me by the office?

Ans. It is very important to decide your future plans but it is equally important to avail, to the fullest the opportunities you are getting now. Opportunities you get now decide your future. New opportunities become door to individual development. Chance comes to all equally, but only smart folk pick it up at the right time and act.

Q.5. Am I improving my efficiency by learning new skills or knowledge?

Ans. Adding new skills to your arsenal will keep you updated. Learning something new will enhance your knowledge and will make your walk towards progress easier. You might also encounter few useful suggestions which might help you professionally. Improving per day is the need of the hour if you want to survive in the corporate sector.

Asking questions is a healthy exercise and when you ask these questions to interrogate yourself, you will find wonderful answers that will help define your professional path. Examine your progress, using  Ask and Thing method and progress!

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