Does studying abroad really help? An unbiased overview

Going out to a different country to acquire specific skills and knoledge is trending but going abroad without any particular objective may turn futile.

Studying abroad is one thought that might have crossed every student’s mind at least onece. Easier flow of student body into international countries provides students with a large platter of courses to choose from; such an opportunity is a must grab for the students aiming to accquire specialized knowledge of a aprticular discpline. Though the endeavour seems to be very promising, studying overseas is a two faced coin.

Studying abroad provides a student with the opportunity to metamorphose into a global citizen by simply widening his/her perspective and by providing exposure, opportunities and experience at the global front.

  • Studying abroad provides students with a broader spectrum of knowledge. It exposes an individual to a wider world with innumerable opportunities just waiting to be grabbed. The unique experiences abroad help an individual to gain proactive skills required in the practical sphere of life.
  • Social and professional networking plays a key role in accelerating professional growth. Being a part of an internationally diverse community provides for a fantastic opportunity to develop personal as well as professional relationships. Building invaluable life-long relationships, inculcating foreign culture aesthetics is surely a major plus.
  • Studying overseas provides a sense of unparalleled independence. A student is out there on his/her own, has to cope up things singlehandedly, instilling him/her with sheer confidence and a belief in self to do things on his/her own. Also, the unknown territory of the foreign land challenges the student at every point helping him to be a better version.
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While studying abroad is a whooping opportunity with exposure, new relations and a new sense of self, there are certain things that need to keep in mind before and while prospecting such a drastic change. A student must have a clear picture of what he/she is stepping into because all that glitters is certainly not gold.

  • The greatest criticism advanced against studying abroad is the culture shock accompanied by language barriers. Being far from homeland, at a new place one must first be fluent enough to understand the institute’s teaching and second must possess remarkable communicable skills to make one’s place. Such a drastic change of place makes one vulnerable to a culture shock leading to anxiety and frustration.
  • Studying abroad is an expensive endeavour. The basic tuition fee coupled with house allowances, travel expenses, basic utilities quickly add up to an enormous amount specially in countries like U.S.A and U.K where cost of living is relatively high. Students are therefore advised to strictly monitor their student loans, scholarship incentives as any discrepancy may land them up in trouble.
  • The facade of studying abroad and gaining independence is soon torn off as when the intimidation of being in a foreign land kicks in. Living away from one’s family, friends may at one point provide a sense of independence but this independence is short lived. Even after one has completed education sucessfully, staing abroad for work comes with issues like securing a wrok visa or find a relevant job in your home country.

Voyage to the unknown land is most definitely an intimidating task but with the advent of technology a student can easily be well aware of all the preparations needed to undertake such a journey. Studying overseas is a stupendous opportunity provided one is aware of all the pros and cons of it. Hence, awareness and preparation are the two fundamentals that are required for the successful completion of this journey.

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