Top 5 types of jobs and occupations that will remain sought-after in the long run

Here are our top 5 types of jobs and occupations which would remain sought after in the distinct future

The post-pandemic world would never be the same for any of us and the similar goes for the job market as well. In the past, we have been a witness to several career streams getting demolished under the obscene growth and advancement and technology and this is no other, as we observe ‘work-from home’ mode of full-time jobs gaining popularity amongst corporates. Renowned firms such as Tata consultancy services have completely shifted their business functions online and their associates instructed to work from home. This not only allows the company to save evident costs (electricity, floor space, maintenance etc.) but also allows employees to work together on tasks remotely, thus improving coordination between employees. A year ago, such work practices were never even thought of!

Apart from the pandemic situation, it is also highly pertinent that everyone plans their careers in line with technological advances and demand and decide whether their career prospects would be viable and relevant in the long run. It may also happen that the type of jobs you are passionate about is not in demand in the market or cannot fulfil your financial needs. With that being said, here are our top 5 types of jobs and occupations which would remain sought after in the distinct future

Cybersecurity Expert:

  • Educational requirements: Typically, employers look for a four-year bachelor’s degree in technology or computer science. Masters in technology or additional experience in database handling or cybersecurity is welcomed.
  • Earnings: this particularly depends on the company and also the region of employment. In the US, an average of $99,000
  • Job potential: the demand for jobs in the sector of cybersecurity and information technology is in a growth phase as the volume of data around us is increasing exponentially, implementation of accurate security and privacy has been more important, specifically for corporates.It is estimated that by 2024, the field is estimated to have 33% more jobs.

Data analyst and Machine Learning Expert:

  • Educational requirements: Typically, employers look for a four-year bachelor’s degree in technology or computer science and proficiency in programming and using business analysis tools. Masters in technology, MBA in business analytics additional experience in database handling, AI/ML is appreciated
  • Earnings: jobs in this sector are often offered at a range of 15 lakhs LPA to 1.5 crores LPA for the simple reason, too much data and too little analysis. The demand for data analysts is humongous and companies are willing to absolute loot packages to individuals who can not only analyse the available raw data but also present business development strategies that could be imposed in line with the implied information analysed.
  • Job potential: as per a LinkedIn survey, job prospects in this field of data analysis, Artificial intelligence and machine learning are some of the chief grossing and emerging careers. the demand for jobs in this sector is in a growth phaseas the volume of data around us is increasing at an immense rate and experts believe this field has the potential of double growth in the long run.

Software Developers

  • Educational requirements: this job particularly needs a strong grasp of information technology and a firm understanding of coding language and programming. Generally, employers look for a computer science background with a bachelor’s degree and preferably, masters in the concerned field.
  • Earnings: Software developers are a core part of any company’s IT and digital department and so recently artificial intelligence is a field every corporate wants to participate in. Thus, are often decorated with attractive salary packages. As per OOH, software engineers and developers on average earn more than 20 lakhs per annum and $100,000 in the US
  • Job potential: software development Is a vast subject and the job potential depends on the particular role however, expert’s expert a 45% growth in this field by 2029 which makes it a very sustainable type of occupancy in the long run.

Blockchain Expert

  • Educational requirements: In this field, employers specifically demand defined skills in python, JavaScript, C++, Solidity and coding language and add a computer science background.
  • Earnings: the market for blockchain and cryptocurrency is still in the development phase and is expected to grow rapidly once a cryptocurrency is decentralized in a majority of the countries. An estimated salary in this field would fall from 5 LPA to 30 LPA in India.
  • Job potential: As veiled before, the demand for employees in this field is rising and many educational institutions are already providing options for specializing in blockchain management which is a potentially lucrative job prospect that can be a total steal in the distinct future.

Medical or Healthcare Officials

  • Educational requirements: under normal circumstances, entering the field of healthcare requires a bachelors in healthcare science, medical, bioinformatics, biotechnology. Further specializations are always preferred as the healthcare sector is often really competitive
  • Earnings: Healthcare is a large sector and healthcare managers may not always be specialized in the same field, and thus earnings may differ largely but in the top positions, these job prospects tend to be greatly lucrative, employees in India can earn approximately 10 lakhs - 1.05cr per annum in the managerial position.
  • Job potential: Healthcare is a recession-free job sector and provides immense job security. In recent times, when the pandemic has forced all other industries to go in a downturn, the healthcare sector observed an abnormal growth which directly advanced job opportunities in this field as the demand for labour increased excessively.

Choosing the right career is a significant life decision as it not only plays a pivotal role in personality building but will also reciprocates your field of expertise and stature in society. Yes, while choosing the right career path it is substantial to note down all your requirements and what you are passionate about and then research accordingly however, you must make sure that you have a distinct clarity upon your choices and career growth path at an early stage in your life. Drawing up a career plan gives you a sense of direction and objective in life which allows you to avoid confusion and stay focused to achieve your ultimate goal

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