What should one prefer in their career: A reputed job vs A high paying job?

Here are a few reasons as to what one must prefer during building their careers: a reputable job or a high paying job

One’s career plays a huge role in defining their personality in real life. Deciding on a particular career path needs to considered in line with a plethora of other factors, for instance your career should be parallel to your passion and what you want to achieve in your life otherwise moving forward in a career that does not allow you to fulfil your passion could be that restricting factor which drives you from excelling. Second, your career must satisfy your (and/or your family’s) financial expectations. However, for the ones stepping into the corporate world, this dilemma of opting for a high paying job or a reputed job is really common. So how should you go about this?

Why should you choose a high paying job?

There could be several reasons which could motivate one to choose a high paying job:

  • High indebtedness: some may be highly indebted for reasons in regards to education or some other substantial reason. To pay off such debts and interests and reduce liability in the long run, they may choose to look for more financially lucrative jobs, irrespective of their passion or specialty
  • Less demand in their domain: in recent times, as technology advances every day, it has been a major catalyst in replacing human jobs and making the corporate world more capital intensive day-by-day, many people may have observed low salary packages in their field of work due to less demand for labour. This may encourage people to shift careers into occupations that pay well and meet their daily needs
  • High standards of living: some may even be well versed with an expensive lifestyle and to sustain their own needs and desires, they would need a job that pays well and allows them to meet their demands daily

Why should you choose a reputed job?

  • Reputation: From the Indian perspective, working for the government or working in an MNC is a reputable job and for some, reputation in society plays a very important role. So much so, that at times people may even select reputable jobs over high paying jobs at not so known organizations. For instance, companies such as TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) are notorious for paying less salaries to their base employees however, the firm still observes high demand for their vacancies.
  • Profile building: Having a respectable job or career on your CV looks attractive and grabs every recruiter’s eye. Some individuals may also choose to build their resume first with respectable and reputable jobs and then move into high paying jobs at higher positions in a renowned company or any other high paying profession.

Instead of debate, these two diagonals of jobs must not be perceived as a debate but a career option for potential candidate, however, availability of jobs plays a crucial role as well. Realistically, with the increasing rate of population, competition for each job has doubled in comparison to the past and thus, achieving a reputable or a high paying job has a very bleak chance of occurrence unless you have a strong educational and/or corporate background alongside an attractive and seamless resume which is your first impression Infront of the recruiter and you must know what they say: Your first impression is your last impression!

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