Everything You Need to Know About a Video Resume

An estimate in the US job market showed that 84% of the recruiters were more likely to shortlist the candidate if they shared a video resume.

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We see a lot of influences making video-based portfolios these days. But, to a surprise, a lot of job-seekers have also started making “influential” video resumes to stay updated with the changing trend. As a result of all workflow moving offline, and no in-person personal interviews, some companies have even mandated video resumes as a part of their recruitment process.

The thought that “a piece of paper” can’t tell who you are is gaining momentum with the rise of video resumes.

Let's deep dive into the video resume creation game:  

  • How Did This Shift From Paper to Video Resume Happen?
  • Does a Video Resume Really Make a Difference?
  • Types of Video Resume
  • Does it Suit All industries?
Everything You Need to Know About a Video Resume

The shift from paper to video resumes  

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, there has been a paradigm shift in various processes, for instance, the hiring process. With the integration of IT tools, new recruitment practices are being used in the hiring industry.

Nowadays, candidates are getting hired completely online mode, without ever meeting physically. This concept was unthinkable in past years.

Similarly, when CVs were sent in video formats, recruiters welcomed this change positively, in fact with appreciation. Recruiters moved from the old boring ways of hardcore formal processes.

The practical reason is that looking over 200+ CVs on a daily basis, receiving a video format resume greatly eases the recruiter’s role to go through it. It was not boring anymore, the resume looked more compelling and gave a better perspective of the candidate to the recruiter.

Hence, this shift was widely accepted and is trending in the hiring industry.


Does a video resume really make a difference?

An estimate in the US job market showed that 84% of the recruiters were more likely to shortlist the candidate if they shared a video resume. This estimate is a really impressive number, showing the effectiveness of a video resume.

Further, recruiters said that a video resume gives a better idea of the candidate, allowing the recruiter to connect with the candidate.

The same is also visible in the case study in the freelancing field. Freelancers are always suggested to make a video portfolio, for clients to connect with them and judge their compelling skills.

Many platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork, GMB, etc., have emphasized the importance of an introductory cover video, which is getting wide attention throughout global businesses.


Types of Video Resumes

Just like there are different types of resumes, named chronological, functional, and hybrid, video resumes also have different types based on their very nature.

Currently, video resumes are classified under 3 broad categories:

#1 Targeted Video Resume

In a targeted video resume, you make a video that is specific to a targeted job opening. The content in the video is organized and aligned based on the job description and key requirements.

  • The benefit - You can showcase your experience and skills in a very compelling way, while also validating it alongside various projects. Recruiters find this type most useful, as it eases their job to shortlist you, based on your targeting-personalized video resume.
  • The downside - You will have to make a new video for each profile you are applying. Thus, it could become very tiring to make multiple videos, considering the amount it takes to shoot and edit a video along with a script. Oftentimes, the quality of the video also decreases, while creating multiple videos.
  • It is ideal for those candidates, who have a very narrow list of profiles, they want to apply for!
A snap shot from our film set while producing a documentary series for the Holocaust Center for Humanities. Here we are interviewing a local high school about their experience with some of the Center’s teaching materials.
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#2 Generic Video Introduction

This is like a general resume that can be used for multiple profiles.

  • In a generic video introduction, you don’t enter into job-specific skills or any accomplishment that might be suitable for the job. Instead, you just give general introductory content about yourself, to give an idea about your potential to the recruiter.
  • But this is also helpful, compared to a general resume. Recruiter, in this case, can judge you for your communication or soft skills, while also getting a personalized picture of you. This type of video can be used for applying on multiple profiles.
  • It is good for beginners who lack experience in the field but still can compel the recruiter by showing your skills in the video.

It is used very often by candidates, the reason being the hard work that goes into making a profile-specific job. Hence, if you are on a job hunt, this might be the ideal choice for you!

#3 Explainer Video

This type of video resume is for those, who are hesitant to come in front of the camera lens. You use different graphics, slides, and text to guide the recruiter through your resume. You can even outsource designers to help you make a compelling resume. A video resume not only focuses on your face value but also depends on the content and script of the video. Thus, it’s useful for camera-sensitive people, who can still add some extra factor instead of sending a traditional paper resume.


Do video resumes suit all industries?

While many recruiters accept a video resume, it doesn't mean it can be used in all industries.

For top positions, a video resume is not preferred as it’s considered an informal application. Also, many times, recruiters do mention the preferred format of the resume, so stick to it.

However, there is no hardline that tells where you can use a video resume and where you cannot! Therefore, before moving forwards, do connect with the recruiter and ask beforehand, if a video resume is acceptable or not, as to not get auto-rejected.

Final Words

You can truly spice up your resume game with a video resume. The chances of getting hired with a compelling video resume are high, which is a great deal when looking at the competition!

Anything that increases your chances of getting hired must be utilized! However, be cautious about where it’s accepted and where it’s not accepted for the resume shortlisting round. It might lead to auto-rejection of your application, which could be a nightmare for many!


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