Five Things you can do this Summer Break to Enhance your Resume

Its very important for any candidate to have the right skills to land on thoer prfered job. Summer beakks are ideal time when once can devlop skils through inernships, projects, courses etc.

A good resume is a prerequisite in today's competitive job market especially for college students who have to get into B- schools or multinational corporations after their graduation. And one requires skills and experience that can be presented in your Resume; productively utilizing summer break is one such smart way to develop skills, knowledge and experience over the years to fit for their dream job.

Here are the things given below you can opt for:


Internships make you face the real working environment, let you taste the life which you dreamt for. Internships add valuable experience to your resume. One can apply for those profiles based on which they have to build their career. For example if I have to pursue MBA in the field of finance or sales then I can opt for finance internships or sales or business development respectively. Searching for them is not a difficult job, many platforms are available which give easy access to recruiting companies.

Certified Professional Courses

Skills are very important for professional development and are the basic things which qualify an applicant. Courses such as digital marketing, web development, financial modelling, graphic designing, search engine optimization etc. helps to build technical or professional skills which usually recruiters search for. Presence of these certified courses in your resume distinguishes you from the pool of unskilled applications.

Live Projects

If one has to gain experience in more than one thing in the short period of time they can go for live projects. Each live project is about 2 to 3 weeks. It helps you to learn some transferable skills on how the project is carried out, how to lead a team, time management, communication, creative and innovative ideas. These live projects can be accessed through sites such as They give you field experience and also industrial certification.

Language Courses

In today's competitive world, one business trades with the other for its expansion and professionals are required who understand the languages of the trading companies situated in two different countries. Also, many embassies hire ployglot professionals and they are paid extravagantly. Students can learn German, Spanish, French, or any other language of their choice from an established institution and can acquire certificate for it.


Volunteering in any social project or Non Profit Organisation( NGO) to raise any social issue or bringing social change in the country can be a good thing to enhance your resume. There are many NGO's in the country and applying for them or getting into them is not a difficult task. Further, volunteering helps you with networking which helps immensely once you enter the professional  space.

Let's not waste this summer break and do something productive to enhance our resume. If you already have some of these and want an effect CV, log in to and make an awesome resume for yourself.

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