Writing a Teacher's Resume [4 Examples]

With a large number of applicants for a single role, it is crucial to make your teaching resume stand out. In this blog, you will learn about:

Teachers are the backbone of any academy institution. Therefore most institutions follow a stringent recruitment and selection processes for teachers with an aim to ensure high quality of education.

With a large number of applicants for a single role, it is crucial to make your teaching resume stand out. In this blog, you will learn about:

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Various Sections in a Teacher’s Resume


A resume headline informs the reader about your expertise. It tells the reader what your resume is going to be about.

If you are a teacher,  you can mention the following things in your headlines

  • Educational Qualification
  • Subjects you teach
  • The classes you teach
  • Years of Experience

Some examples of headlines for a teacher’s resume include:

  • Online Tutor - Talks about where you teach
  • Teacher TGT - Informs the reader of the classes you teach
  • Online Teacher - English - Talks about your subject knowledge and the mode of instruction
  • Chemistry Teacher - Reader instantly knows your expertise in the subject


A summary in any resume is written with a view to describe your capabilities and the results you’ve generated. It is the best place to inform your prospective employer about what you can do for them and why they should hire you.

An ideal summary in a teacher’s resume should include:

  • Past teaching experience and classroom skills
  • Educational achievements or any new courses that you have taken to upskill
  • Any big project you have been involved in
  • Any particular instructional style that you have practiced and bore fruitful results
  • Soft skills like communication, presentation, time management and work ethics among others


Include each job title, company name, company location, and date range you worked while writing the job descriptions. Use this section judiciously by penning down all that you have done in your career. Remove things that are recurring.

Some tips for writing an experience section in a teacher’s resume:

  • Mention the classes taught and class size
  • Write about any outside teaching initiatives
  • Start with action verbs and use small sentences
  • Keep it simple and to the point


The importance of this section in a teacher’s resume is unparalleled to that of any other professional.

Here’s why

  • Mastery in a subject is pivotal for a teacher. And your level of education is a way to show that
  • Teachers require certifications or degrees to enter the vocation. This is the section where you mention those
  • Your own academic performance is also used as a benchmark of your knowledge of the subject

What to include in the education section:

  • Name of the degree
  • Year of completion
  • Name on institute
  • Any award or medal
expert tip

How to make your education section stand out?

Show your marks in your qualifications if they are outstanding, or make you stand out.


A teacher is not only responsible for the academic development of the student but also for modeling behavior, developing critical thinking capabilities, and fostering creativity.

These can be only achieved through a combination of both hard and soft skills. Strike a balance and include both.

Continue reading to get a list of skills that you can use in your Resume


Tips to create a Teacher’s Resume

Write About your Subject Matter Expertise

Your subject knowledge is a key factor in getting employed, especially if you teach middle or high school students.

Mention your subject in the headline and also in the experience section with the job title.

Follow Reverse Chronological Order

You will find many formats on the internet very appealing. Don’t hesitate in choosing a creative template but always follow reverse chronological order.

It makes it easier for the recruit to assess your capabilities and shows how you’ve grown as a professional.

Tailor your Resume for Each Job

Every school or institute has different expectations from a teacher.

Though the core job of mentoring students remains intact, there will be varied requirements from all employers.

Go through each job description carefully, eliminate what is not required, and add what you might have missed.

Mention Achievements other than Teaching

A teacher is expected to do much more than just tutor students.

A teacher’s job also includes helping students with extracurriculars, ensuring proper behavior, organizing activities for the school, and performing administrative duties.

Make sure that your resume talks about these and how you’ve generated results in these areas.

Skills to Include in a Teacher's Resume

Lesson Planning and Delivery

This skill almost sums up a teacher's role in developing a student’s academic capabilities.

Write about how you executed a difficult lesson and the results it generated.

Classroom Management

As a teacher, you are expected to be a pro at this skill. An effectively managed classroom will lead to better performance and student development.

You also mention the classroom size here.

Ability to Adjust with varied backgrounds

A classroom is made of students from varied cultural and social backgrounds. Your ability to effectively work with students with different levels of understanding is of utmost importance for any school.

Communication Skills

You don’t only communicate with students, but the entire school community that includes parents, other teachers, and school staff.

Schools and institutes function collaboratively, so this skill is of prime importance.

Administrative Capabilities

Maintaining records, liaising with staff, managing supplies go hand in hand with a teacher’s job.

Even if you are teaching in an online space, some kind of administrative work and basic record keeping will be a part of your job.


List of Skills Required for a Teacher’s Role

Student Engagement
Creative Lesson Delivery
Non-Academic Development
Liaison and Coordination
Assessment Planning and Evaluation
Mentoring and Leadership
Online Teaching
Lecture Delivery
Student Grading
Homework Assessment
Teaching pedagogies
Test Preparation
Concept Building
Patience and motivation
Classroom Moderation
Subject Matter Expertise

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Resume of TGT Teacher

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Resume of Online Tutor

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Resume of Chemistry Teacher

Resume of Chemistry Teacher using Resumod's builder

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