Beginner's Guide to Finding Your Dream Job in 2023

More than 70,000 jobs are gone in the first 20 days of 2023. Such stats scare you away and you give up on finding your dream job. But don't stop yet. Get proactive to stand out among other candidates. It takes significant effort and time when you expect to get hired for your dream job.

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More than 70,000 jobs are gone in the first 20 days of 2023.

Such stats scare you away and you give up on finding your dream job.

But don't stop yet.

Create an optimized resume and a job search strategy because randomly applying to any job that you see online won't land you anywhere.

Get proactive to stand out among other candidates. It takes significant effort and time when you expect to get hired for your dream job.

Beginner's Guide to Finding Your Dream Job In 2023

Step 1. Know Yourself

Before starting your job hunt, have a clear picture of your personality. Make a list of things that you enjoy doing and that make you happy. It will assist you to find the job types you'd likely succeed in.

You can even take some online personality tests to learn in detail about yourself. The basic idea is to ensure that “you do what you love”.

These tests can help you narrow down your job search in several ways. For example, if results come with details about you being reserved and shy, look for the best job profiles for introverts and vice versa. Or maybe you like to work on-site, then working on a desk job can be completely unsatisfactory for you.

To identify what you enjoy, find a combination of:

  • Academics
  • Something you enjoy
  • Something that is in demand


Step 2. Get Specific About the Job Profile

When you are starting out any job offer with good pay irrespective of the profile can be tempting. It can lead to saying yes to a profile that you don't plan to be in for the long term.

With so many new profiles and roles globally, there are endless opportunities for you. Find out what suits you best.

Remember, your dream job needs to be satisfactory and enjoyable.

Answer these questions to find the right job profile for you:

  • Do you need a full-time or a part-time position?
  • Do you prefer in-office work or remote jobs?
  • Are you willing to work for an established company or a startup?
  • Morning or night shift?

By having the answers to these questions handy, you'll be able to fine-tune and funnel your job hunt.

Beginner's Guide to Finding Your Dream Job In 2023

Step 3. Craft your unique resume, CV, cover letter

  • A resume is a short-composed depiction of your schooling, capabilities, and past positions that you send to an employer during a job hunt.
  • CV represents Curriculum Vitae or “course of life.” It is a 2–12-page scholastic record that portrays your professional background in profound detail.
  • A cover Letter is a composed report submitted with an employment form illustrating the candidate's certifications and interest in the vacant position.

Preparing and updating these three documents is an inevitable step. At the beginner's level, you don't need a CV.

Try to mention your most relevant experience and qualifications in a simple way. If possible, customize your documents according to the job profile.

Note: Your resume should sell your strongest skills and accomplishments and show how good you are. And most importantly, its sole purpose is to help you to land a job interview, hence keeping it profile-oriented to increase your relevancy for the profile.

Hop to to take cues from more than 500 samples for crafting your resume.

Additional tips for preparing your professional documents:  

  • Keep them short and direct.
  • Demonstrate your results with numbers (For example, helped the company to boost its sales by 10%).
  • Add keywords from the job description of the job you are applying to.
  • Check for grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and formatting errors.

Read more bout creating a resume in 2023 here:


Step 4. Explore various job search websites

The advent of the internet has eased the task of exploring the job. With a single mouse click, job seekers can look out for jobs worldwide. Most of the companies websites have a section named “Careers” on their websites.

You can visit your dream company's websites to check out the available positions and apply for them. Simply upload your resume and provide basic details on relevant job websites. This small task will make your resume accessible to numerous recruitment organizations and entrepreneurs.

Plus, using the filters provided by job portals you can customize your search.

And don't stop yourself from applying to jobs on job portals.

We have curated a list of top-rated job portals for you:

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • Glassdoor
  • Flex Jobs
  • Ladders
  • AngelList
  • Getwork
  • Snagajob

Step 5. Reach out directly to your dream companies

You might be consciously or subconsciously dreaming of getting into a particular company of your choice.

So, start reaching out to companies that catch your eye. There are a ton of ways of reaching out to the recruiter who might be actively hiring for your dream profile, including:

  • A visit to their LinkedIn page to get an abundance of data like surveys, recordings, and current openings. You can also decide to "follow" that business to receive emails when they post new position openings.
  • Visit an organization's online update pages on social media especially LinkedIn to study its everyday tasks.

Also, try connecting with working individuals in your dream company. Reach them out on professional platforms like LinkedIn and ask the following questions:

  • How can I become aware of what positions are accessible here and whether I'm a good fit?
  • What is your #1 thing about working here? What are the drawbacks?
  • What is your company's reference interaction?
expert tip

Are references helpful in getting your dream job?

Never underestimate the power of references in any company. References can help you get inner insights about the recruiter and hiring process, increasing your chances to get hired.


Step 6. Prepare for the interview round

Once your resume is shortlisted, start your preparation for the interview round with the recruiters. Go well prepared by knowing the questions that are usually asked for each profile. These are mostly available online.  

You can also ask for insights from family or friends that are aware of the company hiring process or profile responsibilities.

Laptops meeting in coffee shop
Beginner's Guide to Finding Your Dream Job In 2023

Most companies follow these steps:

  • Aptitude Test
  • Group discussion
  • Personal interview

Let's dig deeper into each of these :

  1. Aptitude Test

Aptitude is an essential aspect of a person's life. Therefore, several potential employers conduct an aptitude test for job openings. Although aptitude tests check your natural abilities, it is advisable to practice some tests beforehand. They are there to test your situational awareness and how you think.

2. Group Discussions

Nowadays, recruiters prefer to have a group discussion round before a personal interview. So, you need to keep track of the happenings of the entire world. But remember in GD, the recruiter is going to check your ability to lead and play in the group. Hence, do practice some mock GDs.

3. Personal Interview

The personal interview (also known as the HR round), is the mandatory stage of the selection procedure. It is a make-and-break section for the selection.

Start practicing the answer to common interview questions that will boost your confidence and positivity is inevitable. Some of the must-prepare questions are:

  • Describe yourself.
  • Describe briefly your strengths and weaknesses.
  • What do you know is unique about the company and why do you want to work here?
  • Why are you the best fit?
expert tip

What helps you nail an interview?

While practicing pay attention to your tone gestures and delivery. Prepare your outfit in advance so that you don't appear unprofessional on the interview day

Step 7. Be optimistic and Realistic

Now, comes the most challenging step of the job hunt i.e., the Waiting Period. During the waiting period, be optimistic and realistic. Keep applying to jobs and upgrading your skills until you have something in concrete.  

Try to frame the answers to the follow-up questions like:

  • What are your financial expectations?
  • When can you join?
  • For how long are you planning to be a part of the team?

Also, try connecting with your mentors, family members, and friends and ask them about their career paths, you will be surprised by the amount of value these conversations can add.

Note: If rejected, don’t feel demotivated. Learn from your mistakes and start working on your weaknesses. Remember “Rejection is the Redirection”.

Resume examples to get you hired in 2023

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Resume of Internal Auditor
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Resume of Front-End developer
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Resume of Fragrance Developer
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Resume of Fishery Development Officer
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Resume of Community Health Worker
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Resume of Workflow Manager
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Resume of Transportation Manager
Resume of transportation manager built on Resumod

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Final Word

Searching for a new job can be thrilling and exhausting. Some searches go rapidly while others might require a couple of months (or longer!). You have to be patient and wait for your shot.

Getting ready for your dream job takes a lot of effort and is often an exhausting process too! You need to strategize and put your effort in the right direction. Follow the above-mentioned steps to get polarized output for your dream company and get hired. Nonetheless, the whole process makes you sharper and a more capable individual!!


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