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Great, no problems at all. It is very easy to use and best site for resume making.

Chirag Gupta
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Outstandingly Genuine

I had only previously used the old builder of resumod and there was some problem when it shifted to the new builder and I contacted the team. Nikita was the person who walked me through the 24 yards of Resume writing and I am immensely thankful to her. I was allowed only 3 calls but she stuck with me for 6 atleast and told me all I needed to know. She was patient and very genuine throughout our interactions and that's what I liked the best. I'd recommend them to anyone who's having any issue with their resumes irrespective of where they are in their career. Absolute top notch team.

Anamitra Bhattacharyya
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Nice app

Nice app, the Best part is, We can create one free resume here, and also the price is very low for a paid membership. Everyone can afford it.

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Highly recommended for building up a great resume

Being not able to think enough that how should I actually come up with a good resume, this actually helped me perfectly. I must say to go through it once, you'll be amazed!

Ishika Chandol
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Resumod is perfect

Resumod is one website which is perfect if you want your resume to be created with utmost perfection. All we have to do is upload information and it will prepare the resume automatically with proper format in the PDF form. It gets super easy. And this website is super useful. I’ve already recommended all my post graduation friends to definitely try this. With all the final placements coming, I’m sure this will be the most useful for all of us.

Aggarwal Aarohi
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I found Resumod through a friend

I found Resumod through a friend when I had to apply for an internship. Created my Resume within 30 minutes. The formats on the site are appealing and the samples on the site helped me write the content. Highly recommendable :)

Nikita Kalra
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A great application

A great application where a resume can be made within minutes. Resumod has helped me to make my resume a perfect introduction about me.

Anmol Kalucha
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Why is Resumod the best Online Resume Builder?

Feature Guide & What’s New

Resumod is working tirelessly to provide you with features that make your job search truly competitive, and your CV stand-out in the hiring process.

Easy Fast

Easy & Fast Resume Builder

Create a beautiful, modern resume through our online resume builder within minutes.

HR approved

HR Approved Templates

Our templates are visually appealing, and approved by new-age HRs. Just edit and download the PDF.

Multi-format Download & Share

Multi-format Download & Share

Download your resume in PDF, MS Word, or get a sharable permanent Link to your resume.

LinkedIn to Resume Transformation

LinkedIn to Resume Transformation

Convert your LinkedIn Profile into a fresh, vibrant resume in seconds. Our parser is 100% accurate!

Multi-Resume Management

Multi-Resume Management

Manage more than 1 resume on your dashboard for multiple-jobs and target roles.


Maximum Value for Money

Our premium pricing is THE BEST in the industry. Get the maximum value for every buck that you spend.

Referral Benefits

Referral Benefits

Our industry-best Referral Benefits will ensure you get premium features at ZERO cost. Just keep referring us to your friends :)

Free Label

Free to Use

Resumod gives you 1 modern template FREE FOREVER. You can edit, download, and manage your free resume without any cost, forever.

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Safe & Secure

Our 256-bit encryption ensures your data is safe. Always. We never share your information with third-parties.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Resumod’s Website and Builder

Why is Resumod the best online resume builder for a job application?

Resumod is one of the best resume builders online. It is easy to use and offers a range of features including

How do I make the best use of Resumod Resume Builder?

Resumod is a one-stop solution for all your resume-building needs. We equip you with a user-friendly builder and the resources required to craft a stunning resume.

To create your resume with Resumod’s free online builder:

  • Log in with your email id
  • Select a format and a colour that suits your industry, profile and personality. Our formats are pre-structured for you. Enter your data right away
  • Fill in the basic information - name, resume headline, and contact details
  • Write a summary that motivates the recruiter to read your entire resume. We recommend using this comprehensive summary guide with more than 40 examples
  • Analyse your core skills; map them with the job description of your applying job. Pick the common ones and put them in your resume. Use this resume skills guide if you need help
  • List your education in the resume - this includes course details, year of graduation, and name of the university
  • Create a work experience section, placing the most recent or present experience on the top
  • Add to sections that add value. These include extracurriculars, awards, projects, certifications, etc.

If you are someone with no experience, keep the resume to one page

Which is the best resume format for 2022?

The best resume format for 2022 is the format that suits your experience, profile and industry. All resume formats on Resumod are universal and can be used by professionals across all geographies and experience levels. However, each resume format is distinct and serves a different purpose.

Learn about each of our resume formats developed by experts here. You can optimise each of the resume formats as per your profile using colours that are unique to your personality. check our samples page to see how these samples look in different colours. Learn how to use colours in your resume here.

Does Resumod offer ATS-friendly resumes?

Yes, all our resume templates are ATS friendly. Any resume that you create on any of our templates will be an ATS-compliant resume. Our resumes are in PDF format which is an ATS accepted format. We also offer resumes in .docx format for our paid subscribers.

Can Resumod help me review my resume?

After months of research and testing, we have launched the most simplified online resume building tool for you. With features like content suggestions, samples, and guides, we are sure you will be able to create a resume that lands you your dream job. We also give a resume completion score which enables you to track your progress with your resume.


Is my data safe with Resumod?

Yes, more than 50,000 trust us with their data. We are also the official resume writing partners to many leading universities and institutes across the country.

Your data is stored with us on our secure servers. However, once you delete the data, we delete it too. Resumod adopts ethical data and cybersecurity practices to ensure the safety of your confidential information. You can check more about how we handle your data here.

Where can I find resume samples to look at?

Resumod has 500+ resume samples to help you understand what works best for your industry.

If you still need content support, our builder offers a “content suggestions” feature. Pick content for your resume summary, projects, and job descriptions over 100,000 bullet points.

Why does Resumod offer Resume downloads only PDF?

We offer downloads only in PDF for our free version. Here’s why:

  • PDF documents are ATS parsable; any ATS system can easily read them
  • PDF documents are universally compatible - phones, laptops, tablets, and any operating system
  • PDF documents further prevent any distortion of the content of the resume.

In our paid version we offer your resume in other formats:

  • A permanent link to your resume. You don’t need to attach the document to every job application. Share the link
  • A resume in .docx format

How can Resumod help me if I face account issues?

Our support page has detailed solutions to any issues that you may encounter. You can even raise a ticket if you don’t get an answer through these FAQs. We ensure 24 hours TAT for our customers facing any account issues.

How can I make multiple resumes on Resumod’s online resume builder?

You can make multiple resumes on Resumod in just a few clicks. With our paid version, you get 5 resumes on the dashboard. To create multiple various, go to your dashboard, and buy the quarterly subscription just at INR 299. Edit and download endlessly.

It is the best practice to tailor your resume for each job application. The option to create multiple resumes eases the process of creating many versions of a resume and storing them forever.

Is Resumod really free?

Yes, absolutely. Resumod gives you access to multiple resources at 0 cost. These include:

All these serve as a complete toolkit for kickstarting your resume-building and job search process. However, if you wish to access some advanced tools and resources, our subscription starts at INR 99.

Do I need a cover letter with my resume?

A cover letter is NOT a necessity. But it is a good practice to share a cover letter.

A cover letter acts as your introduction to the recruiter before they check your Resume. It shows initiative and efforts put in by you to reach the recruiter.

If you are one of those applicants with a cover letter in a pool of applicants without one, it is very likely that the recruiter will prioritize your resume.

How do I choose the right resume template?

The right resume template is a sweet spot between your profile and what your employers expect. For instance, a graphic designer’s resume will be vastly different from that of a lawyer.

  • Don’t be lured by the fancy templated that you see online.
  • Use a format that is properly spaced, uses system fonts, and is properly structured
  • An ideal template will not make your resume clumsy
  • Chose a template that can be customised as per your unique profile

How can I make a one-page resume with Resumod?

Recruiters prefer one-page resumes as they are more approachable and time-saving. Thus, all formats on resumod are designed strategically for a one-page resume. With Resumod’s free online resume builder, you do not struggle with condensing information.

In case you find your resume spilling over to two pages:

  • Try using another template
  • Reduce the font size
  • Cut down on any information which is not an absolute necessity

We have curated our best one-page resume examples for you to take inspiration.

Have a look at this blog post to write your one page resume with no experience.

Should I write a resume objective?

A resume objective is an outdated concept. Instead, use a resume summary.

A perfect resume summary will be short and crisp and highlight only your strengths. Your strengths or differentiating factors may be your skills, certification, academic background, professional/non-professional achievement, etc.

Learn the differences between summary and objective here.

Should I use a photograph on my resume?

We don’t suggest using photographs in your resume.

  • Images make it difficult for your resume to parse through the ATS
  • You should be hired for your skills, and for how you look

In fact, only 40% of templates on Resumod allow you to add a picture.

What skills should I put on your Resume?

Skills on your resume should be a combination of hard skills, soft skills, and technical skills. Each of these serves specific purposes and gives the recruiter insights into both your capabilities and personality. Here is a step by step process to put skills on your resume:

  • Write down your top skills - hard and soft
  • Check the job listing for the description
  • Pick keywords from the job description that match your skills
  • Add them to your resume. Complete the section with hard and technical skills

Refer to our skills guide for a list of skills and a detailed discussion on putting skills on your resume.

Do I need different resumes for all job applications?

Ideally, yes.

You need a customized resume for all job applications. A customized application helps you stand apart in a pool of generic applications.

Making multiple versions of a resume does not mean creating completely different resumes. You can have one “master version” which is the best representation of your professional and academic background. Then tailor this resume as per job requirements. These changes can be in the form of changing your resume headline, shuffling your skills, rearranging your resume, or even as small as deleting some data.

What is the permanent link to resume on Resumod?

The Permanent link button generates a link to your resume. Just like you share a link to your portfolios and LinkedIn profiles, you can share this link directly with the recruiter.

Sharing link works best if you apply using referrals, or cold pitching your job application.

You can learn more about Resumod’s features here

How can resumod help me save time?

Resumod is a one-stop-destination for making a resume that will land you your dream job. We’ve designed the tool to save your time, and still be light on your pocket.

Resumod online resume builder is easy to navigate and uses one-click

  • LinkedIn to Resume feature to help you import your data from LinkedIn
  • Multiple resumes on the dashboard, enabling you to save upto 5 resume drafts
  • Real-time preview for you to see your resume shaping up
  • Mobile friendly builder- make your resume while you wait at the traffic signal
  • Change of formats at a single click - see what looks best before you finalise

Go to the end of this page to learn how to make the best use of templates on Resumod’s free online resume builder.

What is the difference between a CV and a Resume?

Though the terms resumes and CV are used synonymously, they are different in terms of structure, uses, approach, and content.


  • Curriculum Vitae is a Latin expression which means course of life. It contains information related to individual's past qualification, experience, skills, competencies and achievements
  • CV is a comprehensive document often longer than 2 pages
  • Including references is an absolute necessity for a CV
  • CVs have limited purpose and are most commonly used for applying to an academic position, advanced research, fellowship, etc


  • Resume is French word meaning summary. A resume has details of an individual's education, work experience, competencies and previous job achievements
  • A Resume is a concise document, with 2 page as maximum length
  • You can skip references in a resume
  • Resume is used by both professionals in academic and non-academic space for applying to jobs

These are just some of the differences between a CV and Resume.

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