Resume and Skills for Psychologist

Psychologists study the human brain to perform their day-to-day responsibilities. They conduct routine patient check-ups to assess their health status and identify potential problems. They perform an advisory role for their patients and counsel them toward healthy habits and taking preventative measures to improve overall health. They employ their knowledge of the human brain and the patient's medical history to make an informed diagnosis.

Skills required for a Psychologist role:

  • Counseling Psychology
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Behavioral Health,
  • EMDR 
  • Behavior Management
  • Stress Management 
  • Psychometrics
  • Personal Development
  • Group Therapy

What recruiters look for in a Psychologist's resume: 

  • Possess expertise in the provision of evidence-based treatments
  • Clinical experience administering and scoring a variety of assessments including intelligence, achievement, and behavioral/social-emotional assessments
  • Ability to articulate test results to people with less psychological education. 
  • Exemplary written and verbal communication skills.

What can make your Psychologist resume stand out:

A strong summary that demonstrates your skills, experience, and background in psychology

  • Certified Psychologist with a strong skill set in dealing with inmates with antisocial attitudes and behaviors, substance abuse, and mental illness. Competent at utilizing diagnostic and assessment information to develop preliminary and comprehensive treatment plans in collaboration with the client system. Utilizes new assessment and treatment techniques for helping inmates overcome psychological problems.

Targeted job description 

  • Help improve recognition, treatment, and management of psychosocial/behavioral problems and conditions
  • Targeted assessment and evaluation, including diagnostic impressions and functional status focused on the presenting problem.
  • Deliver brief, consultation-based services to patients and PCMs using an integrated care model

Related academic background 

  • M.A. Psychology Hons. from Christ University, Bangalore| 2019
  • B.A. Psychology Hons. from Christ University, Bangalore | 2017

Resume of Psychologist in Text Format


Psychologist (General)

9002599353 || New Delhi, India | LinkedIn


An amiable mental health professional who assists in program development and management activities and offers guidance regarding behavioral management and patient-centered intervention. Furnishes evidence-based services for a wide range of psychological, substance use, and health-related behavioral problems for patients with a wide range of patient characteristics. Advanced knowledge of culturally sensitive psychological assessment techniques, diagnosis, intervention, and behavioral health.


Psychologist - The Hans Foundation,  New Delhi |Oct 2020 - Present

  • Authorize, direct and monitor care for mental health and substance abuse problems in accordance with the internal criteria for medical necessity.
  • Conduct peer reviews with psychologists and licensed therapists for outpatient and psychological testing requests.
  • Design and implement clinical programs to ensure individuals and their families receive psychological assessments, support, and counseling utilizing principles of the group, individual, and family concepts.
  • Provide specialized psychological services at all levels of complexity for patients, with service delivery to include intake evaluation, diagnostic assessments, psychotherapy, and patient education.

Psychologist -Psych Consultancy, New Delhi | Jan 2020 - Sep 2020

  • Performed clinically indicated evaluations for outpatient and inpatient populations
  • Provided a full range of therapeutic interventions including individual therapy, group therapy, and psycho-education classes.
  • Developed person-centered, socially sensitive treatment plans to address the mental health needs of patients.
  • Conducted evaluations to aid in the differential diagnosis of complex cases.

Psychologist Assistant - Psych Consultancy, New Delhi | 2019

  • Delivered documentation of assessment results in a timely manner.
  • Established effective and collaborative working relationships with treatment providers


M.A. Psychology Hons. from Christ University, Bangalore | 2019

B.A. Psychology Hons. from Christ University, Bangalore | 2017


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