Resume Skills and Keywords for Demand Generation Manager

A Demand Generation Manager develops and executes strategic marketing initiatives aimed at creating awareness, generating interest, and driving demand for a company's products or services. This role involves crafting and implementing comprehensive demand-generation strategies, utilizing a mix of digital marketing, content marketing, email campaigns, and events. The demand generation manager collaborates closely with cross-functional teams, especially sales and product management, to ensure alignment with overall business goals. Leveraging data analytics and marketing automation tools, they analyse campaign performance, optimize strategies, and provide valuable insights to improve lead generation and conversion. Additionally, the Demand Generation Manager stays informed about industry trends, conducts market research, and effectively manages budgets to maximise the impact of marketing efforts.

Skills required for a Demand Generation Manager role:

  • SEO and SEM
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Data Analysis
  • Content Marketing
  • HubSpot
  • Marketo
  • Budget Management
  • Collaboration & Communication 
  • Project Management
  • Leadership Skills

What recruiters look for in a Demand Generation Manager resume: 

  • Proven experience in demand generation, B2B marketing, or a similar role.
  • Strong knowledge of digital marketing channels, content marketing, and marketing automation.
  • Experience with CRM and marketing technology platforms.
  • Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret data and metrics.
  • Excellent project management and organisational skills.

What can make your Demand Generation Manager resume stand out:

A strong summary that demonstrates your skills, experience and background in demand generation

  • A results-oriented Demand Generation Manager with a proven track record of effective leadership in overseeing branch operations, driving business growth, and ensuring exceptional customer service. Bringing extensive experience in financial acumen, regulatory compliance, and strategic thinking, excelling in optimising branch performance while fostering a positive and collaborative work environment.

Targeted job description 

  • Utilise data analytics and marketing automation tools to analyse campaign performance, measure ROI, and optimise strategies for continuous improvement.
  • Develop and execute comprehensive demand generation strategies to drive awareness, lead generation, and customer acquisition.
  • Design and implement lead nurturing programs to move prospects through the marketing funnel and convert them into sales-qualified leads.
  • Manage the demand generation budget effectively, allocating resources to channels and campaigns that deliver the highest impact.

Related academic background 

  • MBA in Finance at Indian School of Business, Gurgaon | 2018
  • BBA in Finance at Amity University, Gurgaon | 2016

Sample Resume of Demand Generation Manager in Text Format


Demand Generation Manager

+91-9876543210 | |Gurgaon, India


A results-driven demand generation manager with a proven track record of developing and executing high-impact marketing strategies to drive brand awareness, engage target audiences, and generate qualified leads. Adept at leveraging digital marketing channels, including SEO, SEM, social media, and email marketing, to optimise customer acquisition funnels. Proficient in implementing marketing automation tools for streamlined lead nurturing and scoring processes.


Demand Generation Manager at Marvel International from Sep 2021 - Present, Gurgaon

  • Developing and executing demand-generation strategies and campaigns to generate leads and drive customer acquisition.
  • Utilising a mix of digital marketing channels, including email marketing, content marketing, social media, SEO, SEM, and events.
  • Implementing lead generation programs to attract and capture potential customers.
  • Collaborating with the content team to create compelling and targeted content that aligns with the buyer's journey and supports demand generation efforts.
  • Monitoring, analysing, and reporting on the performance of demand generation campaigns.
  • Implementing and optimising marketing automation tools to streamline lead generation, scoring, and nurturing processes.

Assistant Demand Generation Manager at Pym-Industries from Dec 2018 - Aug 2021, Gurgaon

  • Collaborated with the Demand Generation Manager on lead nurturing initiatives.
  • Coordinated the logistics of campaigns across various channels, including email, social media, webinars, and events.
  • Assisted in the execution of demand generation campaigns, ensuring alignment with overall marketing strategies.
  • Assisted in gathering information about industry trends, competitor activities, and customer behaviours to inform demand-generation strategies.
  • Provided administrative support for demand generation activities, including budget tracking and documentation.


MBA in Finance at Indian School of Business, Gurgaon | 2018

BBA in Finance at Amity University, Gurgaon | 2016


SEO and SEM | Social Media Marketing | Email Marketing | Market Research | Data Analysis | Content Marketing | HubSpot | Marketo | Budget Management | Collaboration & Communication